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12 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Home Space

Where to locate your home office?

Ensuring your home office has a space conducive to office work is essential. This might involve a working surface (table, desk)  to set your computer and papers, a comfortable chair that supports good posture and minimizes distractions, a quiet environment (Basement, Basement cubicle, separate room or even a dedicated room with an office setup). Minimizing distractions like street noise, street traffic view, kids playing nearby, kitchen noises, etc. Make sure that the place is not too hot, not too cold, so you can work in a comfortable environment.

Proper Infrastructure

Make sure you have the necessary electrical connections, network and Internet for all your gadgets: PC, router, printer/scanner. Monitors, etc.… Figure out where you want your cables to go and see if they can be hidden or tucked away neatly.


A desk or table with the proper storage for your needs is an important consideration. If sometimes you enjoy working standing up, you may consider a Height Adjustable Table.


Proper lighting is important. Long-term exposure to low or improper lighting can lead to irritability or serious and chronic issues. Try to set it up near daylight, but if you can’t, ,then improve it with proper electrical ceiling lighting or with a proper desk lamp.

Ergonomic setup

Proper ergonomic add-ons, like a monitor base that allows you to have the screen directly in front of you, while your back is against the chair back, prevents you from having to curve your spine, and develop possible posture problems. A multiple-monitor setup may be necessary depending on the type of job you do.
A mouse and keyboard pad can help prevent carpal tunnel issues.

Productive woman using ergonomic chair and workstation setup.


Optimize your office working hours

Maximize your Work while the house is quiet. When your partner, or kids are not around, take advantage of the calmness, or enhance it with proper working music that allows you to concentrate.

Take frequent breaks

Every hour you should take a 5-10 minute break, where you stand up and take a walk and additionally get away from the computer screen.
Studies show that regular breaks not only help prevent physical discomfort, but also enhance concentration, productivity, and overall well-being in the workplace. Do you receive guests, or do you do remote work?
If you frequently have to interact with clients you may need guest chairs. They need to be comfortable and communicate a proper professional image about you and your company. Stackable chairs can also be a dynamic solution that can be put away when you’re not expecting clients.

What type of chair should you use?

If you are working at least 4 hours a day you need to consider an ergonomic office chair. Additionally, to be able to adjust the chair in your ideal working position, they will help with:

  • Posture support.
  • Reduce pain.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Better blood circulation.
  • Adjust positions for comfort.
  • Prevent injuries and job satisfaction.

Ergonomic features of an office chairs
Additionally, consider a mesh back chair or even a mesh seat if sitting for extended periods in fabric chairs is too hot for you and you need your back to breathe.

Look and Feel

A collage of a chair styles

Finally, you also need to consider the aesthetics of your office. Color and Style. What is your style?

  • Traditional: you love old things and your home looks like an antique store, then a modern chair won’t look good in your working space, and you will need a traditional office chair.
  • Minimalist: You like a clean workplace and don’t want any clutter. An steamlined office chair can enhance your office with its simplicity.
  • Modern: You like clear and defined lines and you want your office to look almost futuristic, yet still homey. You may consider a simple yet elegant chair..

Add your personal touch, to improve your creativity and productivity. You may enjoy an aquarium, motivational posters, plants, family pictures and, or, a framed painting.
Defining your style will also help you search for complementary decorations. Adding traditional/minimalist/modern to your searches will give you pieces that will work with your office.


Make sure you enjoy privacy during remote meetings. If you can’t soundproof your working space, you should consider placing it away from rooms with televisions, or high traffic areas.  Using good quality headphones will also ensure that your private conversations with your clients or colleagues remain private.

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